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There is no doubt about it; dogs certainly are "man's best friend." For every climate, lifestyle, task, adventure, or family memory, there is a suitable canine comrade to join in the fun. For centuries, dogs have done everything from pull sleds through the snow, have been used in military initiatives, rescue missions, flock herders, used as trackers and hunters, guard dogs, guide dogs, family companions, and therapy providers giving comfort to the infirm.

Most Popular Dog Breeds in the United States

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Every new dog owner needs to be shown the ropes, and provided a helpful guide for what their responsibilities will be when they purchase or adopt a specific dog breed. Experienced dog owners may want to be reminded their dog's needs, or find ways of improving their training methods for better behaviors and habits from their pet. Happy browsing!

Whether you are a young professional who needs a home-body dog to play in your apartment during working hours, or you are an athletic family constantly looking for adventures; if you need a protective guard dog, or a frilly pup to put bows on and pamper by your side, there is certain to be an ideal match for you. Since breeds of dogs range as far as human preference can conceive, prospective owners hoping to find the right personality match will need to do the proper research before selecting a dog breed.

We hope to simplify the puppy-search by acquainting you with dog breeds, types, functions, temperaments, grooming, training, housebreaking, etc. We also hope to provide a useful resource regarding canine health care, exercise, breeding, adopting, dog supplies and nutrition, as well as just fun facts about your lovable buddy. From the initial research phase, to finding your dream dog and caring for its needs; we want to guide you along the way. First time puppy-owners to lifelong dog experts, join us for an in-depth look at the most popular dog breeds and what care they require.