Dog Ownership Resources

What kind of dog should I get? Which breed is the best fit for my lifestyle? Where do I find this kind of dog? Do I purchase my pet from a breeder, a store, or should I adopt? What vaccinations will he need? What sort of upkeep and daily routines should I expect?

These questions address only a fraction of the concerns you have or may need to consider before you buy a pet. Owning a dog is not always a walk in the park (though it certainly will necessitate frequently walking in parks), as there are numerous responsibilities the owner has to his pet. Beyond caring for the physical needs such as nutrition, bedding, exercise, grooming, and healthcare; a dog is also an affectionate pet requiring love, affirmation and quality time with his master. In order to be well-trained, dogs also need governance and obedience training. We hope to provide a resource that will inform, instruct and encourage dog-owners through this process.

Dog Buying Guide

This break-down offers a comparative analysis presenting options of where to purchase your new pet. Whether you are considering adoption from a rescue home or shelter, purchasing from renowned breeders, or visiting a pet shop, we highlight the facts so you can make an informed decision. We also list dog-shopping logistical factors you may not have considered.

Basic Dog Care

Here we cover all the details you need about how to pamper your pooch and provide a healthy lifestyle for him. We discuss playing and grooming, your dog's required vaccinations and common health issues and remedies. We analyze the nutrition your pup needs, as well as providing housing tips, tracking devices, and puppy check lists in this primary care section.

Dog Training

Providing solid training for your dog may be the most important step taken as a pet-owner. Our tutorial covers all aspects of dog training with obedience, house breaking and potty training, and spoken command training. We list instructional guidelines and helpful tips to aid you in the disciplining process, and give useful insights into how your dog responds.

Types of Dogs

This list considers which dog breeds are best for children, for active lifestyles, or were bred for hunting, guarding, herding, etc. Dog breeds vary and owning a Shih Tzu will be drastically different than a Doberman Pinscher. Pet-owners ought to be informed of the requirements and tendencies of their animal, so they can set their expectations accordingly.

Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the United States