• Temperament Even Tempered, Gentle, Excitable, Amiable, Determined, Intelligent
  • Family Friendly Yes
  • Trainability Easy to Train
  • Shedding Average
  • Group Hounds
  • Color Hound-type Coloring: Black & Tan, Red & White, Orange & White, Lemon & White, Blue Tick & Red Tick
  • Origin England (1300s)
  • Height 13-16 inches
  • Weight 20-25 lbs
  • Original Function Trailing
  • Current Function Trailing, Field Trials, Conterband Detection
  • Lifespan 12-15 years

Origin of the Breed

Beagles originated in England during the 16th century, and were bred as hunting dogs that would track and fetch rabbits. The name Beagle is speculated to have come from the French word "be'geule" referring to the sound a howling hunting dog makes. This breed is now one of the top favorite American family pups.

Coloring and Size Variations

Beagles are mid-sized, and have varying spots of amber or lemon, black, with large portions of white.

Behavioral Tendencies

Much like the famous Beagle called Snoopy from Peanuts, this breed is well loved for its easy-going demeanor and consistent cheerfulness. Beagles are superb family dogs as they are unthreatened by children, are gentle, affectionate and loyal. Note that this breed's enthusiasm for play combined with their hunting instincts means that they will be inclined to chase squirrels, ground dogs, rabbits, etc and may have difficulty in listening to orders while they are thus distracted. They also possess a keen sense of smell and can sometimes be inclined to rapidly venture wherever the scent takes them.

Training Needs

Beagles need strong leadership and training from their owners, as they will try to use manipulation with their adorable behaviors, to get what they want (usually more food). They can be very determined, and will bark continually if they want something badly enough. It is important not to neglect a Beagle, as bad behavior will inevitable ensure. They must received consistent portions of food, even though they may seem to be hungry, one or two servings per day should more than suffice.

Health Complications

Beagles usually fight eye problems, back problems, and have been known to struggle with heart disease or tumors.


Beagles require consistent exercise, or they may develop restless habits such as barking and snapping, if their walking and running regime has been neglected too long. Beagles also need to go on frequent walks to keep from gaining weight, as these insatiable canines are prone to overeating.

Living Conditions

Beagles love to chase, play, roll and scamper around so they will need a small yard space or for apartment living would need regular decently long walks.


Beyond a regular bath and brushing regime, Beagles do not require much grooming for their coats.

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